GM sunglasses, fashionable quality

Issuing time:2019-10-24 13:43

GM sunglasses, fashionable quality

In the summer, sunglasses are probably the accessories that can enhance the temperament most. They can shade the sun, protect the eyes and show the small face. Sunglasses can not only play handsome, but also be a "plain face artifact" for girls. I don't want to wear makeup when I go out. I just need to wear sunglasses and paint red lips, so I can easily hold the gas field. While the gentle monster Sunglasses not only pursue practical functions, but also are popular in the design of appearance. The word "retro trendy" may best describe the characteristics of GM sunglasses. It not only designs the black framed circular Sunglasses with strong retro flavor, but also many mirror sunglasses with exaggerated color and unique shape. It is a brand that combines retro with new trend, tradition with modern, elegance and exaggeration.

Brand history of GM Sunglasses

The sunglasses trend of the recent fire - gentle monster is a young Korean Sunglasses brand. In recent years, GM sunglasses have been popular with many Chinese stars because of their products. For example, Wu Yifan, Li Yifeng, Xiao Zhan, Qin LAN, Qi Wei and so on, stir up a fashion boom. The brand of gentle monster has bold design style, bright color, avant-garde accessory elements, amazing shape and distinct personality. Even the majority of Korean pop stars, such as Quan Zhixian, Jin Yubin, Li zhongshuo, Yin Enhui, as well as American fashion celebrity Paris Hilton and movie star Jessica Alba, are also loyal fans of GM brand.

GM sunglasses, modern avant-garde "sense of technology"

GM Sunglasses belong to the category of light luxury accessories, and in just four years, they have become one of the top ten brands in the world. The core competitiveness of the brand of gentle monster, good-looking is the key to success, but the main thing is that GM sunglasses are special in style, versatile, low-key and not exaggerated, suitable for all kinds of people, and in line with human structure, so they are more comfortable to wear. GM takes the road of modernization and sense of science and technology, with bold and avant-garde design and full personality. What's worth mentioning most is that the lenses of its home are Zeiss lenses, which are generally used for lenses by high-end cameras. They are lighter than ordinary lenses and have higher transmittance than glass lenses. It can be made into many colors. It's also standard for a series of NASA space exploration projects. On the market, the price of sunglasses of the same grade starts from ¥ 3000, while the price of GM sunglasses is controlled around ¥ 2000, which can be regarded as a very high cost performance!

GM sunglasses, fully open online and offline

Speaking of GM Sunglasses offline flagship stores all over the world, currently in China, there are flagship stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Taipei. GM Sunglasses only has one official website in China! In particular, GM's collection series products are all the same type of stars, and almost all of them are designed without gender. They don't need to be tangled with men's and women's styles, and they can be worn in exchange with men's and women's tickets~

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